Traditional Medical Astrology Academy

Traditional Medical Astrology and Traditional Horary and Natal Astrology. Self-paced courses taught online one-on-one by Felipe Oliveira

Traditional Astrology Online Courses

Traditional Medical Horary Foundation Course

Learn the foundational concepts and techniques of traditional horary astrology applied to medical and psychological matters. Standalone course or preparatory for the Applied Traditional Medical Astrology Course.

Applied Traditional Medical Astrology Course

Learn horary, natal, and decumbiture techniques. Thoroughly practice diagnosing the proportion of humors in any organism and learn how to take appropriate healing measures.

Traditional Horary Craft Course

Learn traditional horary astrology. Learn to accurately answer questions on a variety of subjects such as: money, health, relationships, children, contests, legal, political elections, career, travel, lost cats and more...

Advanced Horary Practice Course

As an already experienced astrologer you will develop and refine your analysis and synthesis skills, and apply them to horary interpretation of complex situations and unusual subjects. A course for those who would like a challenge and explore horary deeper than elementary courses or books do.

Course Features

Through extensive practice refine your ability of interpretation, and to match astrological symbolism to real life objects and events.


Learn proven description and prediction techniques to assist you in producing accurate answers to your astrological inquiries.


Practice on dozens of real-life charts provided, plus charts of your own you may bring up for analysis and discussion

The Three Pillars

Develop the ability to analyze complex situations with confidence by adhering to three simple but crucial horary guidelines.

The Toolbox

Use the toolbox of traditional astrology: signs, houses, planets, essential and accidental dignity, aspects, receptions, antiscia, timing, Arabic Parts, fixed stars and outer planets.

Elements & Humors

The theory of the elements / humors and its application in real life. Understand the building-blocks of the perceivable universe.

Humoral Diagnosis

Diagnose the proportion/balance of humors/elements in any living creature, and when applied to humans, obtain results similar to pulse diagnosis in Eastern medicine. Then apply healing measures.


Full one-on-one instructor-student interaction throughout the course. You have my full attention.


Graded at every lesson and a certificate of completion is issued at successful completion of course.

"Let everyone, that desires to be called by the name of Artist, have his wits in his head (for that's the place ordained for them) and not in his books." — Nicholas Culpeper