About Felipe Oliveira

I studied medical astrology under Oscar Hofman and received the Horary Apprentice Diploma from John Frawley. I have practiced Traditional Astrology since 2005.

This online academy has been created in order to share the knowledge gathered from my ongoing application of Traditional Astrology to real life situations. 

Those interested in acquiring tools to increase awareness and apply practical measures for healing, both for themselves and for their patients,  will benefit from my courses. As well as those interested in refining their understanding of astrological symbology and its application in practical life situations. Also, it is plain fun and magical to correlate symbology with reality and awesome to see how a chart is able to depict those correlations with such a high degree of accuracy and depth.

My teaching is practical and to the point. You will learn the theory and you will immediately apply it. We also stop to marvel at the beauty of astrology and symbology at every possible opportunity throughout my courses.

Why Medical Astrology?

I was born with an unbalanced temperament in the form of excessive heat and dryness (fire). Sure enough, for someone who did not take proper care of health in the first decades of my life I was, later on, diagnosed as having a humoral imbalance in the form of a fixed excess of heat and dryness of a relatively severe degree; matching exactly the potential imbalance indicated on the birth chart.

The problem was difficult to change but possible. The prognosis was that it would get worse over time if nothing was done about it. It did get worse, largely due to wrong diet, wrong medications, unsuitable lifestyle, stubbornness and a significant degree of negligence (house 12).

The process of disease has receded significantly by this time and the process of healing has taken over. The switch started with awareness and accurate information. In my case the information came primarily via traditional astrology, such as the information I am offering in the form of tuition via this web site.

Traditional healing means work. There is no magic pill like modern medicine wants us to believe and buy. Healing, rather than merely abating symptoms, means that we must primarily awaken our understanding and intuition, and become healers of ourselves to a lesser or greater degree; the greater the self-knowledge the better. Traditional astrology can be a valuable tool in self-healing as it allows us to obtain information which usually cannot be obtained though human-created methods.

Humoral imbalance is not the only reason we become ill therefore humoral treatment is often not the only treatment required for healing. However, without humoral level correction other treatments usually cannot work adequately, if at all, in the long run.