Advanced Horary Practice Course

In 10 self-paced online lessons you will practice the concepts and techniques of traditional horary astrology on 100+ real-life charts. You will develop and refine your analysis and synthesis skills, both of which are crucial requirements for successful horary interpretation of complex situations.

To take this course you must already have the technique imprinted on your neurons. It is assumed that you have perused John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook extensively, and that you have been practicing horary for some time and you are ready to challenge yourself to more complex charts that cannot be found in books.


Introduction. Course Overview. The three pillars of astrological interpretation. Requirements. Software configuration and checking. Initial chart interpretation.

Relationships and partners, and other house 7 matters.

Since relationship charts are psychological charts we will also look at ow house 2 and house 12 often become active in relationship charts. Therefore you will be able to advise querents on a deeper level than simply “yes or no”.

Money, investment and movable property.

Lost, stolen and strayed. Forensics.

Fixed Property. Career and vocation. Art and creativity.

Contests and trials. Authority. Political elections.

Medical matters.

Psychological and Spiritual matters.

Electing with horary. Using horary as a tool so choose the best time to act or times to avoid action.

Miscellaneous and unusual questions.

Course Features


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